Are There Angels Among Us

Angels are divine beings that come to humanity and bless it with their selfless good deeds. They take away our sorrow and bless us with a smile and happiness. Angels do exist. Actually they may be living somewhere so close... in such proximity... that do not even think of them as angels. Maybe there is an angel within each of us....
Are There Angels among Us
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The world as we perceive it, will be incomplete without angels. Many of us believe in them, many do not. Maybe they are just our perception, or maybe they are not. Could there be real angels in this world? ... in flesh and blood? ...just as they were made to be ... and we fail to recognize them ?


Perception or Reality?

Angels and devils are a matter of perception; humans are a matter of reality. Actually it is only humans who can either take the form of angels or the form of devils, depending upon their action, and intentions.

Many people keep

searching for heaven. There was a time when the Church was supposed to have a monopoly power of providing the ticket to heaven. But today none of us care about going to heaven, or even if we do, we are far more bothered to make our life better in this world.

Religious perceptions sometimes get distorted by the lack of our understanding of the real message and our stupidity of getting caught in the literary sense of the phrases. After all, the words only mean so much, and so little! The laws that we ourselves make need to be interpreted and re-interpreted time and again by our own courts. How efficiently do you think we would be able to understand the message of the son of god delivered in a somewhat coded language thousands of years ago!

Real Angels in Flesh and Blood

Thus it is no surprise, that instead of realizing that angels are also

people in flesh and blood, we imagine that they have wings, and supernatural powers by which they can live for eternity, do not suffer from hunger of emotions, and are messengers of god.

Actually the angels are just what we think they are !

They do not have wings, but they fly by virtue of their success in conquering their own human weaknesses of greed, violence and selfishness.

They live for eternity, because they are remembered by people for their noble deeds and for their contribution to our overall happiness.

They do not suffer from hunger and emotions because they have developed a self-control most of us lack. They can be unaffected by what would be torture to most of us because of their strong will power and goodwill.

And they are messengers of god, because god never created any angels, only humans who had the qualities we assign to angels.

These angels are definitely among us, only they are as human as the rest of us!

They are good and great humans and not angels! There no angles. All the time we were searching for those angels, we were actually wasting it in looking for someone that did not exist, and all this while we ignored our own angels!

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