Easy Ways To Reduce Stress Levels

Life is actually very simple, if one can remain so. The real problem of mental stress and anxiety is our inability to be simple enough. It is not surprising then that the best and most effective ways for dealing with stress are also the simplest one, that neither cost a fortune, nor have the side-effects or complications of tranquilizer drugs.
Easy Ways to Reduce Stress Levels
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In the complex modern city life, dealing with stress effectively may hold the first key for sustainable success. To be able to do that, one must begin by understanding what stress means, how is it caused and how can it be cured. Insights into stress may be the first step, a healthy social life the last in dealing with it.

Dealing with Stress

Would it not be great if we can take care of stress by actions that are part of our daily routine!

Most of us have become used to our stress in such a way, that it feels easier to

live with it rather than burden yourself with further stress in the name of fighting stress. However, stress can be reduced by simple means that can be implemented easily at home or place of work, are free of side effects, do not cost a fortune and do not end up making a joker out of us.

Understanding Stress may be the First Step

Dealing with stress begins with understanding it. Without going into the jargon that the psychologists indulge in, one can say that stress is a result of a difference between what is happening and how we want it to be. This difference can be in your physical state, in your work-load, in your emotional state, or in the social happenings around you. It could even be a football match where your favorite side is losing the plot, and you sit in your drawing room in front of your TV, bearing the burden!

Incidentally, most of the stress in daily life arises from small things, and in the hurry to get on with life, we are not even able to keep track of some of the very apparent causes of this stress. You may be surprised to know that a lot of stress arises from physical factors. An uncomfortable posture in a tense discussion in a meeting creates probably as much stress as is created by the issue that is under discussion. In fact, long duration of any posture can cause stress, and that is the reason why controlling and managing one's posture and muscle tone is one of the single most effective ways of managing day to day stress.

Train Your Mind & Body to Deal with it

It is also possible to train your mind and body to get rid of stress!

Just try this - twice in a day, whenever you have a few minutes to yourself, just sag in

your seat, make sure your feet or hands or arms are not crossed - take off your spectacles (if you wear them) and shoes (if feasible). Then close your eyes, take a deep breath, and count 8, then slowly release the air from your nostrils, while counting 10 this time. Repeat the exercise a few times, and once you are familiar with it, shift your focus to your limbs. Beginning with your fingers and toes, try to release the tension in your muscles. Let them lie wherever they are, don't move them a bit, and try to focus on your breathing. In a few minutes, you will be in a state that is very different than the one you started from. In a few minutes you will be back - only in a very relaxed state.

This is just a simple exercise that releases some of the excess tone in your muscles and helps you relax. Similar simple things can be equally effective - don't sit in the same chair for too long - after a while, get up and take a few steps around before you resume the work. Shoes are very important - always find the shoe that you are most comfortable with. Don't put too many accessories on your body - they are all against nature and create imperceptible stress that adds to your stress from other sources.

Healthy Social Life is the Vaccine against Stress

Lastly, remember that man is a social animal - and so, social interaction acts like an individual psychotherapy. While the various challenges and expectations in our life create reasons for being stressed, social interaction helps us accept what our reality is, and also helps us adjust to it. Speaking out helps you accept the perceived reality with reference to your self esteem, thereby reducing the inherent stress arising from the urge for changing the world according to your wishes.

In simple words, talk more, think less, try to be simple in the way you look at things, and most importantly, learn to prioritize your objectives and accept that some of these objectives are going to remain unfulfilled.

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  • V Kumar  02-06-2017
    Stress kills more people than any single Medical Disease !
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