Is Heaven A Real Place Or A State Of Being?

Almost all ancient human societies and civilization conceptualized something that is similar to heaven. Most also have a concept of hell. Very often, the religious mythologies suggest a connection with these places and the soul after death. However, beyond these perceptions, is there a philosophical abstract that is represented in these symbols?
Is Heaven a Real Place or a State of Being?
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All ancient societies refer to some kind of heaven, a great place to be in the afterlife, and not while one complete one’s duty on the mortal planet. Since there is little scientific evidence of such an abode, were our religious scriptures misplaced, or is it our inability to decipher their true meaning? May be we need to look beyond literal translations.


Heaven: A Place where we can’t be in Flesh & Blood

"Heaven is supposed to be the greatest place that we can imagine", and of course "we cannot be physically present there in flesh and body". "It is the abode

of the almighty" and "a place where we may reach if we have a pure and unspoilt soul".

So what exactly can we make out of all this jargon? If you are an atheist you may not agree with the concept of god, but that does not mean that you automatically discount the existence of heaven as well. If you are a devout follower of a religion that believes in heaven, you may still not be fully convinced that there is such a place like heaven in this universe itself.

Deciphering Traditional Wisdom

Traditional wisdom is often of a mystical character. Ages of accumulation and reinforcement of human instinct is, as a rule, impossible to fully express or comprehend in words. As a result, in case of such traditional wisdom, the spoken words may literally mean something that was never the intention of the saying. It is a result of inadequacies of our languages, and our abilities to communicate, rather than a lack of understanding of these phenomenons.

The concept of heaven is

another such traditional wisdom expressed to us by our ancestors in a mystical manner. Whether it is a place like a different planet or a different city is a matter of legend and literature, not understanding. But one thing is sure, in way or another, the heaven does exist, and if I was asked to bet, I would put my money on it being a state of one's consciousness that allows the person to be at a level of such great fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness that can only be imagined and aspired for in ordinary life. It is thus a state of being, not of being in any place that is referred by being in heaven.

Unraveling the Mystique

The mystique of heaven is interspersed with the mystery of death and soul. There is also that concept of karma that states that heaven is a result of one's good deeds in life, opposite to hell that results from one's sins. If you think rationally, the moral of the story is simple - be good and you will be in heaven. As a rational person it is not very difficult to understand how being good can help you be happy in life. So the mystery of heaven in actual terms may be not very difficult to understand.

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