Home Remedies For Chest Congestion

Chest congestion, which often accompanies common cold, can be troublesome without creating a medical emergency. While there is no substitute whatsoever for expert medical advice, there are a few easily available natural remedies that can be tried at home, while one plans about the medical consultation. These remedies can help in providing significant relief, without any significant side effects.
Home Remedies for Chest Congestion
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Chest congestion is something that most of us have experienced at some time or another. Some suffer from it a little often for comfort. While you must consult a medical expert and get yourself properly diagnosed and treated, a little bit of awareness and small domestic measures can also help greatly, and that too without any side effects of prescription drugs.


Home Remedies: Small Simple Measures with the Household

As a physician, I have come to believe that small steps taken in the ordinary course of our daily routine within our home play an important role in keeping us healthy. I consider

these small steps as effective home remedies. Some such remedies can also provide some relief in chest congestion and hence are worth a trail, in milder cases, or where medical consultation may not possible immediately.

For chest congestion, One need to be careful to understand that it is only a symptom and not the disease the actual disease. The most common causes of chest congestion are common cold, usually resulting from mild viral infections or allergies. The degree of relief one can expect from home remedies is largely dependent upon the exact cause of disease. For example, in case of asthma, nothing would be helpful unless anti-asthmatic medication is taken, but in case of mild viral fever, cold induced chest congestion, simple home remedies may be very useful.

Rest, Steam & Good Nutrition Help the Most

In case of chest ingestion that is associated with exposure to severe cold temperature, small quantity of alcohol, like a couple of tablespoons of rum or brandy may be helpful. One of most commonly adopted and useful remedy in most cases of chest congestion including those precipitated by exposure to cold is steam inhalation, especially if chest congestion is associated with dry cough. For this very basic equipments are usually available, but even without them, one can use a towel to inhale steam.

In cases where there is a likelihood of infection, like where chest congestion happens after a day or two of sore throat, the priority must be to provide sufficient rest and appropriate nutrition to the body to recover from the infection from the earliest. So it is very important to sleep and lie as much as possible, and also to eat as much you can. It is also important that food taken must be nutritious enough. It is important to remember that one of the most common causes of common cold and chest infection are viral infections, which are best taken care of by the body’s immunity. While the body struggles to overcome the infecting microbes, it is important that it is supplied good nutrition and faces no other stress. This is the reason why good food and rest often work wonders.

Another excellent home remedy that can be very useful in sore throat is salt water gargles with slightly warm water. It cleanse and hydrates the throat and thereby prevents the spread of infection or allergies, in addition to providing a lot of welcome relief. A pinch of salt in a glass of water would generally be sufficient, as it brings the water concentration closer to serum and body fluids.

Ginger: A Wonder Herb and Other commonly available Herbs

Among the different food items commonly used in our kitchen, ginger is probably the most effective in preventing as well as curing chest infection. The quantity of

ginger that needs to be given is not much - may be just 10-15 gm would be enough at a time, though it can be repeated two to three times in a day. More important is how to take it. One way could be to add it in a soup or tea, and take it hot. Chicken soup with ginger can give nutrition as well as add immunity. A pinch of black pepper can be similarly helpful.

In fact, there are many herbs, like basil, and thyme, which can be added along with ginger, black pepper to make a medicinal soup, or be taken with green or black tea. However, if you are not very sure about them, it is better to avoid them, or use them only with experts advice.

Other Home Remedies: Turmeric, Lemon, Vinegar and Onions

Some other home remedies consisting of eatables that are part of common food and are known to help in chest congestion include turmeric, lemon, vinegar and onions. Turmeric is another wonder herb that is known to be helpful in most cases, primarily by helping the body’s strength. It can be taken in regular food if the food that you usually eat includes it. Otherwise, it can be added in warm milk. One teaspoon in a glass of milk is enough. Lemon is known to help by contributing vitamin C, which boosts immunity and provides protection against common cold. Vinegar is known to give some relied, almost on the same lines as brandy, particularly if it is taken after boiling. Onions are also reported by natural therapists as helpful and can be taken as part of your usual diet.

The best things about these home remedies is that they consist of normal food items, not medicine, and so have very little side effects. Of course items like brandy, vinegar, black pepper must be taken in small amounts only, almost like they are taken in everyday food.

Take Care of the Lifestyle Too

If you are getting frequent episodes of chest congestion, at frequent intervals, it is time to review your life style. It could be due to an overly stressed working schedule, which does not allow the body to fully rest and as a result, the body immunity falls significantly. In such cases, it is important to get back to a more normal routine, improve the nutrition in your food, indulge in regular work outs, and simultaneously also get yourself fully examined by medical experts.

Sometimes, chest congestion can be a result of allergies. In such cases, it would be very helpful if you can find an association between episodes of chest congestion, and your exposure to any particular food, dust or other stuff. Refraining from those allergens can prevent further episodes of chest congestion.

All these simple home remedies should always be tried, but not relied upon to treat a serious or deteriorating situation. It is preferable not to delay an appointment with your physician.

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