Home Remedies To Lower Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure belongs to a category of diseases that are so closely related to lifestyle that they are often referred to as “Lifestyle diseases”. Given that their genesis lies in unhealthy lifestyle, it would be a matter of common sense that one addresses them with life-style changes, or at least compliments the prescription therapy with changes in lifestyle.
Home Remedies to Lower Blood Pressure
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Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is one of the biggest killers today, and given the increasing stress of modern life, its menacing presence from our lives is unlikely to fade soon. While even a hint of rise in blood pressure deserves to be properly reported to medical experts and managed as per their advice, a bit of awareness will surely help.

The Limitations of Home Remedies & Lifestyle Modification

High Blood Pressure can kill, and you cannot deal with a killer lightly.

So let me begin with saying that you must be sure of the limits to which you can try home remedies.

What you need to ensure first of all, is that you do not substitute medical advice and monitoring with your experiments. But before you get discouraged, let me also say this - when faced with hypertension, the first goal is to manage it with life style modifications, and there, the home remedies play a very important role.

Salt, Body Weight & Diet

Most important remedy that you should try for controlling high blood pressure is controlling salt in food. In some cases, extreme restrictions may be placed by the physician, but in mild or borderline cases too, it is advisable to adopt a 'no-added salt' policy, meaning thereby that except of the small amount of salts in the cooked food in the three meals, no salt is added, nor any salted stuff is allowed. This is a very effective remedy, with an impact that is very close to that of absolute salt restriction.

The second remedy one needs to adopt is for tackling body weight. If a patient of high blood pressure is overweight, there is nothing that can be as effective as losing some pounds of fat. This needs dieting, and in addition to the expert advice of a dietitian that may often be desirable, there are certain practices that can be adopted without any major side effect. Primary of them is a shift towards fruits and salad,

preferably just before the regular meals. Green leafy vegetables are also a great option, because in addition to fighting calories, they are also a good source of vitamins and minerals.

Third thing is to have a controlled intake of carbohydrates, especially in all patients who have either got diabetes, or have a family history for it. Diabetes and hypertension complicate each other and magnify each other's impact. Controlling one will need controlling the other.

Stress, Herbs & Choice of Nutritional Fat

The fourth, and one of the most important home remedy is for reducing the stress levels. For this, the strategy needs to be three pronged. First is to have food that helps in relaxing - avoiding coffee is a good idea, especially after 5:00 pm. Next comes meditation, and yoga may be a good option for bringing calm to your body and mind at the same time. Last is to modify the schedules of working to ensure that relaxation time is left undisturbed, and wherever possible, is occupied by activities that help you relax.

Then there are certain food items that may be helpful. Garlic of course, is very promising. It has an anti-coagulant effect that prevents complications of blood pressure. Ginseng is also said to have some beneficial effects, but it might be better to use any herbs only with medical advice.

Lastly, the nature of fats is important to take care of long term complications. Oils with high unsaturated fat component, like olive oil and mustard oil are preferable, while egg and animal fats should be avoided.

Overall, high blood pressure poses a challenge to the physician as well as the patient, and both need to try their best to successfully keep it under control.

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