Irritable Bowel Syndrome Natural Remedies That Work

IIBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome can at times become a difficult challenge for the patient as well as the physician, for it is less of a pathological condition and more of a disturbed equilibrium of body’s nervous and digestive system. Understanding the nature of the problem can amount to half the battle being won. Then there are these natural remedies which can work from the home itself.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Natural Remedies that Work
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Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a medical condition which often responds better to lifestyle management rather than medicines. Understanding it often holds the key to dealing with it successfully and effectively. There are many natural remedies that can be of immense help in its control, as can be measures for controlling stress.


IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME is an apt name for the condition it describes. It is actually a result of irritable bowels and experiencing it can be one of the most irritating experiences! An equally irritating aspect is the lack of an immediate and effective cure.

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, is largely

a condition of interference in the normal bowel habits. Bowel habits are developed in early childhood. Once these habits are formed, we are comfortable with them. Any deviation in bowel habits makes us uncomfortable. In IBS, the regular bowel habits are disturbed due to different reasons. The normal bowel habits depend upon the coordinated activation of the local nerve supply of intestines, but they are also affected by the signals from brain. When there is a lack of coordination among them, the bowel habits are disturbed and ineffective, leading to frequency of motions like diarrhoea, constipation, abdominal cramps and other symptoms.

Natural Remedies

There are several non-medical remedies that can provide significant relief to people suffering from this condition.

(I) Retraining Bowel Habits by Different Means

One very effective technique to retrain and regulate disturbed bowels is to hold them as long as you can, when there is a repeated urge. It may create a lot of discomfort for you on that particular occasion, but is worth the effort, as it may provide beneficial results. This remedy should be used only if you are only having a persisting complaint of frequent urges and no loose motion at all.

Another effective remedy, often successful in cases of IBS associated with constipation, is having a large volume of water first thing when you get up, and waiting till your bowel movements are strong enough. However, this remedy will start working only if continuously tried for a long enough period, say two to three weeks.

(Ii) Avoid Foods that Aggravate the Problem

Trying to find an association between the foods that aggravate your problem, and avoiding them is another action worth attempting. Some people have a particular vulnerability to chillies, others to different spices, drinks or alcohol. Sometimes, it can also be associated with milk products or sea food. Some of these are because

of allergies, others because of the vulnerability of the bowel to the chemicals irritation brought about by these foods.

In some people, avoiding fluids at a particular time, like just after the breakfast, can be of great help. The bowels have a tendency to react to the presence of fluids in the stomach, a natural phenomenon called gastro-colic reflex. In some individuals this reflex becomes hyperactive during morning hours, and this hyper-irritability of bowels leads to IBS.

(Iii) Fibre Rich Foods

Fibres in diet have a very important role of absorbing the irritants and moderating their adverse impact on the intestines. In addition fibres absorb a lot of water in the intestines and add to the bulk, thereby facilitating the regulation of bowel movements. Ironically natural fibre rich foods like full cereal bread, green vegetables, fruits like banana and salads help as much in complaints arising from higher frequency, as they do in case of constipation as a manifestation of IBS.

(Iv) Managing Stress & Exercising

Probably the most important factor associated with IBS is mental stress. Thus all means to achieve relaxation of body and mind can help. These include meditation, regular and measured physical exercises, preferably aerobics, proper rest and adopting a philosophy of life, religious or secular.

In yoga, there are certain postures like 'vajrasana' that provide a means of physical exercise of stomach and pelvic muscles along with meditation, and are said to be beneficial for individuals suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Vajrasan is actually a very simple posture involving sitting on the knees and ankles, with the pelvis resting on the heels, and the two thumbs touching each other.

Last, but not the least, a playful attitude towards life, and an indifferent attitude to the discomfort arising from irregular bowel habits helps deal it in a more relaxed way, and thus avoids the vicious cycle of stress and IBS perpetuating themselves. Going on a holiday may not be bad idea sometimes, and a bit of adventure may be good for health!

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