Samsung Mastering Mobile Phone And Smartphone Market

Samsung Mastering Mobile Phone and Smartphone Market- The research company “Gartner “ released the record sales of mobile devices during the third quarter of 2012. As a result, Samsung recorded through Apple and Nokia, and became the king of the mobile device vendor in the third quarter of 2012.

According to the TechRadar, Samsung controlled 22.9 percent of the mobile market. This equates to 98 million mobile phone units sold during the three months. While Nokia recorded trails Samsung in second place by selling 82 million units of mobile phones.

While for the smartphone market, Samsung is sitting in the top position

by selling 55 million units of smartphones, equivalent to 32.5 percent market share. Galaxy S III became the best-selling smartphones in the quarter. Apple followed in the second place for the smartphone market. The company was founded Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are known to sell 23.6 million smartphones, or about 14 percent.

After that, the manufacturer of BlackBerry, Research in Motion is in the third place. Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, HTC, is in fourth place.

Moreover Gartner analyst, Anshul Gupta, predicting RIM and HTC have shifted potential. "HTC and RIM has seen sales decline

in recent quarters, and this could hinder their challenge to maintain its ranking in the next quarter," Gupta said, quoted by PC World.

In the fourth quarter, Apple's iOS device is predicted to give a surprise to the market. Moreover, during this time many people are waiting for the iPhone 5. But if many were disappointed with the iPhone 5, then this will have an impact on Apple's sales.

Not only that, Gartner is looking Microsoft’s breakthrough since the launch of Windows Phone 8 devices. This will certainly affect the sales of phones based on WP 8, such as Nokia, Samsung, and HTC.


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