Mythological Anecdotes Of Lord Hanuman

Given that Lord Hanuman is one of the most popular deities in India, it is hardly surprising that a number of tales and fables, from Indian mythology, is attributed to this deity of the masses. These tales and fables narrate stories that can straight away capture atten
Mythological Anecdotes of Lord Hanuman
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One of the most popular, most revered and most unique characters of Indian Mythology is Lord Hanuman. Considered to be eternal, saviour of all those who are innocent and a perfect role model of devotion to the Lord, he is referred to in innumerable tales that form the treasure of ancient Indian civilization, across ages, till today.


LORD HANUMAN is one of the most commonly worshipped deities in India, especially North India. He was the friend and follower of Lord Rama - the incarnation of Vishnu.

Lord Hanuman

Hanuman is one of the central characters in the story of RAMAYANA, the ancient epic

which is perhaps one of most commonly read religious scriptures in Hinduism. He is considered a great example of a friend and an ideal devotee. His self devotion to Rama is the subject of folklore and one of the reasons of his being so highly revered even till date.

He is said to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva or to have been born from a part of Lord Shiva. This essence of Lord Shiva was somehow carried to his mother, ANJANI, by the god of winds or PAWAN, hence he is also referred as the son of winds or PAWAN PUTRA. He was born with mystical powers of flying in the air.

Hanumana is depicted in Ramayana as VAN-NAR, a race of tribal living deep inside the forests. However, this word is also used for monkeys who live in the forest, and hence often there is a confusion that Hanumana is also a monkey, and many a times referred as Monkey king in English scripture.

Mythological Anecdotes

It is said that when Hanumana was a small child, he had enormous miraculous powers. In a mythological tale, one day, when the Sun was rising, the child Hanumana thought that it was some fruit and jumped on it, and put it in his mouth. When his mouth started to burn, he put the Sun out of his mouth.

Child Hanumana was a very mischievous, and there was no end to his antiques. Once he picked up one RISHI, the

spiritual philosopher during his meditation and took him to another place. When this Rishi finally awoke from his trance, he realized that he has been disturbed by the child. In anger he cursed Lord Hanumana that he will forget all his divine miraculous powers until he is reminded of them.

When Van-nar King Sugreeva deputed his soldiers to search for Sita, Rama’s wife who had been abducted by Ravana, the king of Lanka, then theses soldiers finally reached the sea shore. Since Lanka was across the width of about 90 miles of sea, none of them were capable of crossing it and reaching Lanka. Then, unaware of his miraculous powers, Hanumana was also sitting dejected, when he reminded of his great powers by the elders. Subsequently he crossed the sea, entered Lanka, met Sita, gave her the message that King Rama was coming. Subsequently, with Sita’s permission, he destroyed the garden where Sita was kept captive, and killed the soldiers as well as AKSHAYA, the son of Ravana, who came to capture him. Then when Ravana’s son INDRAJIT attacked him with divine weapons, he surrendered in respect of those divine weapons. When he was taken to court, Ravana asked him to be punished by burning his tail. Instead Hanuman escaped and put many parts of Lanka on fire.

When LAKSHAMAN, Rama’s brother who lived with him during his fourteen years of exile, was shot by Indrajit, Lord Hanumana brought the SANJEEVANI herb from Himalayas to treat him and save his life.

These are just a few of the innumerable anecdote that told and retold as part of oral tradition of India.

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