The Power To Heal Itself - A Great Ability Of Our Body

One of the major differences between a living being and a non-living is the ability of the former to overcome all damages to its structure by a process we call ‘healing’. We recover from injuries and diseases primarily because of this very ability although often we give credit to the medicines or the health care that may only facilitates it.
The Power to Heal Itself - A Great Ability of Our Body
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The power to heal itself is one of the greatest abilities of a living body. It is this very ability to which the human race owes it survival. Today, there exists a multi-billion dollar market outside for products that are supposed to preserve your health, yet let me share a simple truth with you - without the extraordinary healing powers of your own body, all of them together cannot make an iota of a contribution to your well-being.

Healing - An Essential Ingredient of Life

Healing is the process by which an altered state of body is brought back to its normal

condition. As we all know, body is made of organs, which are made of tissues and cells. Each cell is a dynamic living unit which keeps changing its condition continuously. These cells get disturbed and injured almost on a regular basis and have an ability to 'heal' themselves by changing back to their original shape. But more important than that, they also have an ability to lead to new cells to replace cells which have been permanently damaged and destroyed. So even when a large number of cells, say a few hundred thousands, are destroyed, as happens almost on a regular daily basis, the surrounding cells replicate to make new cells to replace these cells almost immediately. This process keeps happening even without our realizing it.

This process of healing is an essential ingredient of life. Without the capability to heal, life can never exist, and this capacity is not depend on any outside support, even though external agents like medicines may help this process to some extent.

Healing - An Extraordinarily Complex Capacity

The most important aspect of body's healing is its ability to replace the dead cells and tissues with an almost identical replacement. This complex process takes place in many steps. The first is the immediate response of body to the injury that is almost like the body's first aid treatment. It primarily consists of stopping bleeding and clotting. After an injury, bleeding is stopped by the contraction of blood vessels within a couple of minutes depending upon the size of injury. This is followed by the process of blood clotting that begins with platelets, and ends with formation of a blood clot that blocks the external oozing of blood.

Once the body's first aid is in place, the repair machinery begins to take over almost instantaneously.

The white blood cells accumulate at the site of injury, and begin to destroy and digest the dead cells there by the secretion of special enzymes that are stored in small packets called lysosomes in those cells. This way, they are able to remove the debris and create space which new cells can occupy. Almost simultaneously, the process of new cell formation also goes on. These new cells mostly originate from a latest layer of cells of that tissue, while the older cells are pushed to the site of injury, gradually making them fill the space created by injury. Sometimes, when there is a big gap between the living tissues at the place of injury, the space is initially filled with blood clot, later some fibrous material is laid down there, which makes the SCAR. This scar is almost devoid of blood supply. With time, it keeps shrinking, but may never completely disappear, because of which old scars often persist for life and serve as identification marks.

Healing of body never crosses the need and this complex process automatically gets controlled as soon as the healing is complete. It is a self regularised process of living body that is almost perfect. This extraordinary prowess of human body is actually responsible for our survival.

Healing is not just about repairing injuries. It is a process that takes care of usual wear and tear of the body as well. Unlike an automobile, the human body of an athlete does not require servicing, because it can service itself, and heal its minor injuries without having to make any conscious efforts for the same. Healing also includes replacing dead cells of the skin, mouth, intestines and blood that are damaged and destroyed in very large numbers every day.

Post Script

Healing is that extraordinary but absolutely essential characteristic of the human body which allows us to lead our lives without bothering about the continuously occurring minor damages and injuries to our body. It is this ability that allows us to continue to live in the manner we actually do, without having to bother about the minor or major injuries that can happen any time.

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