Let Us Harness Goodwill To Tackle Global Climate Change

Recent threats to Paris Deal make it apparent that global warming is a crisis we cannot prevent unless we are able to go beyond our narrow political interests. So, let us join hands to develop a universal goodwill towards supporting all possible efforts aimed at reversing the climate changes that seems to be getting permanently embedded in our world. We may have begun, but lot more may need to be done.
Let us Harness Goodwill to Tackle Global Climate Change
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Fight Against Global Warming

The fight against global warming will largely be decided by the commitment that people show for this cause. The goodwill that exists towards the global campaign will play a major role in developing this commitment.

We all should be equally concerned about saving humanity from the disasters of climate change. Unfortunately, not everyone is equally bothered. Perhaps, it will not be irrational to say that awareness about the impending disasters of climate change is still low, and people are yet to fully grasp the significance of impending disaster. Maybe, they are so involved in their day to day

struggles of life that they neither have the time nor the energy to devote to an eventuality that they are hardly sure about, and which may still be a lifetime away. In fact, for most of them, it is just another public or social issue like human rights, terrorism, pollution or politics - important to discuss, but not worth inconveniencing their own individual life.

People tend to respond to most common issues like climate change depending upon the general sentiment, and overall goodwill for that cause. This goodwill is partly the product of campaigns, propaganda and education, but more than anything else, it is affected by the impact of the proposed remedies on the lives of people. Thus, if climate change lobbies enforce additional taxes on fuel, a common man's life is bound to get adversely affected, and so will the goodwill he may have towards this cause. Finding means of preserving this goodwill is therefore one of the most important parts of our strategy for reversing climate change.

Measures for Building Goodwill Against Global Warming

There are three important measures for building up the goodwill towards the efforts to reverse global warming.

Firstly, we need to spread awareness, and actively court for volunteers among all sections of society, from young to aged, and from housewives to CEOs. Nothing creates a commitment towards a public cause more than the experience of having worked yourself for it. This is one measure that is

already under way, though more can always be done.

Second, and a far more crucial aspect is to ensure that the cost of reducing fossil fuel consumption on the lives of the ordinary person is kept to a minimum. In other words, if we hope to get the support of people on our side, then we need to find ways to ensure that the impact of measures suggested to fight global warming on their life is not significant. Thus, if taxes are imposed on fossil fuel consumption, imposing financial hardship on people, then the revenue collected must be utilized in a way that will provide compensatory financial relief to offset that hardship. One way could be to subsidize the renewable energy sources and make them a possible substitute to the fossil fuels.

Third and the most important way of creating good will is to somehow get the technological breakthroughs that can reduce our dependence on coal and petroleum. Today, we do not have any viable alternatives to them. However, if we can harness solar energy at the same cost as fossil fuels, then the cost of reversing climate change will come down drastically, making it possible for the political Governments to adopt and implement it without much ado. Till that happens, the political leaders across the globe are not very likely to indulge in anything more than lip service, while working for insulating their own electorate from the sacrifices required for reversing global warming.

Scientifically, we all know that global warming is a calamity against humanity. We also know that all human beings should work together to prevent it. Yet, the dynamics of human behaviour is not governed by rationality alone. Political acceptability often takes precedence over wisdom and reason. That is why we need all possible means to harness good will for our cause.

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