Males Inefficient Social Tendencies

It’s said that a man is a superior individual of any society; he has always played a progressive role in the society. In the past, it was also believed that man was the pillar of the whole family. It has following reasons.
He had to support all the family members. In old times usually one male person, the father, is responsible to hold the burden of entire family because of less employment resources and limited expenses. Females are just allowed to work in fields and that was not enough to fulfill the demands of a whole family.

However, the time is

different now. The responsibility is for all, man and woman besides younger kids. Here I am going to talk about male youngsters and their behavior towards their duties. Because it is being observed that in modern age females are moving much faster than men in all the fields e.g. education, employment, household jobs etc. They are showing their sincere interest towards their obligations to satisfy their essentials and for society’s progress. Their intentions are much more advanced than merely an optimistic move towards better future by studying well then by doing good jobs. Undoubtedly they are working for all the humankind also by supporting their families and by nourishing their generation splendidly.

At the same time men seem to be quiet ignorant of their

responsibilities. Their intentions are diverted towards stupid stuff. They are busy in enjoying life, showing no appeal in studies, which results in poor grades/degrees – the reason that they can’t get reasonable jobs and ultimately they are dependent on their parents. With that they are also class conscious and want to move into elite or upper class people by adopting their trends and pranks. If they are personally interested in something then that’s just their looks and materialistic desires to move with the modern trend instead of doing something tangible.

Even they are much more beauty conscious, for they have a strong emotion to be attracted towards the opposite gender merely through elegant looks and other such acts, though it is something quite immature. Eventually they are not doing anything productive for society. This is not admirable approach in any character or man. Need of the time is that sensible people should train and the young generation that they must develop a sense of responsibility to face the hardships and challenges of modern life and become independent themselves so that sooner or later they must be able to step forward to help out the entire family and ultimately the entire society.

Article Written By V Kumar

I am a freelance writer. I write for the passion of writing. Life has blessed me an opportunity to be a witness to many interesting aspects of life and people around the world. Indeed, these are very interesting times and we who live in this era are privileged to experience it. Equally great is this opportunity to be able to share and connect with like minded individuals from around the globe !

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