Tibet: The Question Of Freedom

The plight of the people of Tibet constitutes one of saddest stories of a peaceful nation being invaded and subjugated by an aspiring global superpower. Ironically, while the whole world was getting out the claws of imperialism, the peaceful people of Tibet have fallen prey to it, and the rest of the world has just been a mute spectator.
Tibet: The Question of Freedom
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A study of humanity tells us that non-violence is the zenith of human civilization. When people adopt that a fundamental human value, it brings an end to all suffering that arise from violence. However, the study of history also tells us that non-violent societies very often end up at the receiving end of aggression by foreigners and political domination. The tale of Tibet also indicates this phenomenon.

The Centre of Peace in Asia

TIBET has traditionally been the centre of peace in Asia during the last one and a half thousand years. Today it yearns for peace and for independence - a

desire that is unlikely to be fulfilled in any foreseeable future as China moves forward on the path of being the next superpower, bulldozing everything on the way. Peaceful Buddhist chants of unarmed monks have little chance of being heard by one of most authoritarian and single minded governments of the planet that gives little heed to public views within or outside its borders.

Tibet is one place where people follow and practice absolute non-violence in their actual lives. Unfortunately, this practice of human values imbibed over a period of many centuries, has been time and again treated as their helplessness by the Chinese Government, which forcefully occupied its territory half a century back, and is now on the verge of decimating this precious island of ancient culture and a peaceful civilization by its policies of ethnic cleansing.

For years, the peace loving Tibetan people have avoided aggression and violence even against their own violators and aggressors. Today, it is their desperation that is forcing them to raise a slogan of protest against their genocide and cleansing that threatens their extinction.

It is a Strange World Order

It is indeed a strange world, where aggression of Iraq against Kuwait leads to armed interception by half of the developed

world, while an inhumane aggression against an eternally peaceful nation fails to raise even a single eyebrow. The way Chinese government has systematically continued with its ethnic cleansing mission in Tibet is a matter of shame for the whole of humanity, which, since 1959, has been an absolutely disinterested mute observer, with no concern for morality, humanity, dignity or fairness.

The reaction of the Chinese government to the absolutely peaceful protesters, in the 21st century would have been a matter of envy for the medieval dictators of the dark ages. In this world, very few governments can even think of organizing such genocide of unarmed helpless people. Perhaps it is an action that can only be indulged by a power that has become too confident of attaining the next super power status. It is the arrogance of that emergent super-power that is totally inconsiderate of reactions of the global community as well as of its own people.

The most appalling aspect of this story is the fact that the Tibetan people have long ago given up all hopes of independence, and had become hesitant to even demand autonomy. However, it is the tyrannical systematic annihilation that has again forced them to stand up and raise their voice in desperation, even while being aware of global indifference towards their destruction by a rising super-power, and the bleakness of any possibility of any other community lending its voice to their cause.

Perhaps, it is now only the Buddha himself who can rescue the Tibetan culture and identity. In 21st century, it may seem very stupid to think like that .... however, stranger things have happened in this world!

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